Becoming a great leader requires that you create and maintain great teams around you. Learning and adopting team building development is a given for any senior management position. By going through the Unstoppable Women Leaders Programme, you will develop new skills and knowledge that will help you to increase your team’s value by creating a culture of collaboration and innovation at all levels.

Every company needs to identify and grow great leaders not least as good business results may get a person noticed, but the presence of the right competencies, will almost always guarantee leadership success in your company or organization.

Leadership Development

There are numerous components to a leadership development program. A company need not have them all, but the more they do, the more likely they will reach people in ways that will help them be better leaders. Companies allocate millions of dollars every year because they do not have enough leadership talent to manage operations. Having enough good leaders is not just a human resources department challenge, but a critical business need and companies cannot afford to lose the leaders they already have.

Good leaders can demand very high salary packages in the market. These positions are so important that a competitor will not hesitate to offer a huge increase to the right leader. Another area to consider when developing leadership roles is the difference in needs, among people at different levels of the organization.

Junior/Entry-Level Leaders

The junior leader will typically lead a function or a team. This person may need to learn many of the basic elements of leadership such as decision-making, talent management, organizational finance, organizational design, etc. Much of this can be obtained through training, coaching and developmental assignments.

Mid-Level Leaders

Mid-level leaders need to understand how to manage across organizational boundaries. The employee needs to learn about cultural differences as well as business differences among departments and in different geographical areas. This type of development is best obtained through rotational assignments; global assignments and serving on key project teams, especially those that are cross functional.

Senior Leaders

Finally, the most senior leaders need to develop strategically; this is best developed through external coaching.

Unstoppable Women Leaders Programme

How to Develop and Educate Yourself as a Leader for Boardroom Success!

Who Is The Unstoppable Women Leaders Programme For?

This program delivers to senior female executives, an opportunity to navigate recognise their own leadership skills, develop the knowledge of leading authentically and understand the board selection process to explore new ways to effectively govern as a corporate director.

Tailored to high-achieving women who seek to contribute to corporate governance at the highest level, this program will also serve as a valuable platform for women to explore issues of boardroom diversity amongst their peers.

Part 1
First Things First – Transforming Yourself

  • Become the best leader you can be, by first learning the most powerful elements of personal transformation.
  • Ensure you know how to create transformation and success in yourself, before you learn to strategically lead.
  • You’ll discover the code for success which will help you succeed and feel confident in every area of life, including health, wealth, and relationships.

Part 2
Finding and Living Your Purpose – The Difference with Women

  • Become more self-aware and deepen your understanding of personal agency and being intentionally congruent.
  • Get a clear picture of who you are and how it differs from what you do.
  • You’ll also learn our blueprint for personal transformation so you can get to the next level in key areas of your life ie; mind, relationships, emotions and success.

Part 3
Understanding Your Personal and Professional Traits

  • We’ll help you define success for yourself through exploring the hidden beliefs you hold about success.
  • You’ll learn the role played by culture and family in defining your success.
  • You’ll also participate in the “Lovers vs Leaders” exercise, which will guide you to deeper questions of your beliefs about leadership, as well as how those beliefs compare to others.

Part 4
Woman to Woman – Each One Teach One

  • Hear advice and best practice from existing successful female leaders in key areas of leadership development ie; building confidence, being stronger than the stigma, daring to be different and not letting things get to you.
  • Learn how to present yourself in a way that feels natural, credible and compelling to your future employers.
  • Understand the importance of holding the door open to leadership for other women as you progress by “Pulling Up as Your Rise Up”.

Part 5
Accessing the Boardroom Through Understanding Governance Protocols

  • Learn how to navigate the minefield of Corporate Governance with the aim of understanding the basics of effective governance as a corporate director.
  • Raise your profile and prepare for your next senior role by acquiring the tools you need to understand the explicit and implicit ways boards function.
  • Understand the “gender” lens; how women are perceived in the boardroom and how to work with and evaluate the CEO.

Part 6
Your Leadership Blueprint and Toolkit

  • You’ll get downloadable tips and guides on how executive firms match candidates with opportunities.
  • Learn how to create your wish list and tips on becoming the winning candidate.
  • Understand the importance of strategic networking within your organisation whilst interacting with external networks.

Part 7
Executive Coaching for Women Surrounded by Men

  • Understand how to deal with scepticism just because you’re a woman surrounded by men.
  • Learn how to create a coaching culture to empower others to achieve.
  • Increase your self-confidence through understanding the story of your life, practising your values whilst under fire and staying grounded.

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